We’re gonna reinvent the…

… well, of course not the mobile phone again. 😀 If you have ever taken a look at this blog, you might have realized that the blog was not very busy in the last months. Somehow I lost the desire (I hope  you understand what I mean) to write posts on this blog. Some days ago I restarted being interested in that blog, and just few minutes ago I got an idea how to reinvent the blog, in order to make it easier for me to write interesting posts for you. The main idea is that I’m gonna summarise the news of one day, and to write them down in one posts, that will be published at the evening. So, I’ll try this the next days, and maybe it is successful 🙂 .


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Apple Expo Paris 2007

apple_expo.jpgIn six days the Apple Expo will take place in Paris again, just like it did the last years. And just like the last years, it seems that there is no keynote, the only thing Apple could do there, is publish the iPhone to the French market.

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iPhone Germany

apple_iphone_3.jpgIt’s official now, the operator of the iPhone in Germany is T-Mobile. Some of the contracts were published, it’s about the so-called “Surfing-Contracts”. With this contracts you can do webbrowsing for free.

  • The cheapest contract gives you 200 free minutes of talking and costs 39 Euro, you get no free Short Messages.
  • Another costs 59 Euro per month, therefor you get 5 GB Transfervolume, every added MB costs 50 cent.
  • The most expensive offer for 79,90 Euro contains 1000 minutes of talking and 120 minutes webbrowsing for free.

So, the contracts are similar to the contracts in Great Britain, but you do not get the same. For example there’s no offer that gives you the Short Message Service for free.

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iTunes 7.4.2

itunes7logo.jpgAn new Update for iTunes was published a few minutes before the Apple Event begun. The version number is now 7.4.2. The Update removes a mistake with self-produced ringtones and contains contents for a better stability and performance and contains also other mistake removals.

The Update is 38,5 MB large, and downloads automatically by Software-Actualising, when you start iTunes.

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Apple event in London

iphone_player.jpgThere was an Apple event in the Apple Store in the Regent Street/London this morning. Against all speculations was the iPhone not introduced in whole Europe this morning, only in Great Britain. There you can get it starting from the 9. November 2007 for 269 pounds (ca. 387 Euros) with contract. With the cheapest contract for 35 pounds (ca. 50 Euros), you get 200 minutes of speaking time and 200 Short Messages. For 45 pounds (ca. 65 Euro) monthly you’ve 600 minutes of speaking time and 500 Short Messages. If you choose the most expensive contract for 55 pounds (ca. 79 Euros), you can talk 1,200 minutes and you can send 500 Short Messages. Webbrowsing is for free in all of this offers, no matter which connection you’re using. The operator is O2, you can read all the details of the contracts on the homepage of 02.

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Apple’s sales are increasing

200x.jpgShaw Wu from Amercian Technology Reasearch announced that the sales of Apple increased stronger in this quarter than expected. Especially the successefully new iPods were an important reason, but also the Mac sales were better than foreseen. More than 2 million devices were saled here. All in all earned Apple 6 billion dollars ( $ 6,000,000,000 ) this quarter. If that is the true, it would be the best result ever in history of the Apple company. There could be an similar result for Apple next year, said Shaw Wu.

Here you can read the news.

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iPod touch test

ipodtouch4792.jpgAs one of the first websites, did ArsTechnica.com test the new iPod touch.

Positive is the less weight, the small size and the 3,5″ display of the iPod touch. Also the operation is very fast, and the new feature named iTunes Wi-Fi Musc Store and the webbrowser are more than good, too.

Negative is that there’s no E-Mail client and no possibility of editing calendar posts. Additionally was noticeable that the display quality is bad.

Here is an older post to the same problem.

Alltogether did the iPod touch reach 8 out of 10 points, a very good result.

Click here if you want to have a look at the whole test.

For the iPod touch users: Is your iPod touch display able to show full black or not?

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